Josh Oliver Jersey

The Kansas City Chiefs have spent a significant amount of time studying tight ends in the 2019 NFL Draft, including San Jose State tight end Josh Oliver. With very little behind an aging Travis Kelce, the need for tight end depth is paramount and someone perhaps can take over for Travis Kelce when the day comes.

Victor Aquino who helps cover San Jose State sports for The Mercury News answered some questions to provide some insight into the Spartan product.

SJS head coach Brent Brennan knew what he had 2 years ago when he first came on that Oliver was NFL-caliber and would be big in the pass game and centralizing the offense around him at times. Oliver really respected what Brennan and staff asked of him and will give kudos to helping him get to the next level.

For the local Sparta community, it was big; mainly because it was the lone bright star for the current hard-luck program. For Oliver, he’s an understated kinda guy, who no doubt was appreciative of the opportunity, but it was business for him out there.

He’s truly a guy who let’s his play do the talking. He’s kinda of a poker-face too, but an intense and very respectful guy. A very telling fact is Oliver went through a full four years of challenges, different coaches and tough seasons. That says a lot in itself.

Josh Oliver is an interesting tight end prospect and could possibly be a Chief on draft day. There is a lot to like about his abilities, but he will need some coaching.

It’s a good thing the Chiefs have quality coaches and a quarterback that knows how to get the ball to open receivers. Oliver is not my favorite tight end prospect for the second round spot, but someone I’d be happy with when the dust settles on the 2019 NFL Draft.

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