Jalen Ramsey Jersey

Jacksonville Jaguars outspoken cornerback Jalen Ramsey is apparently in the market for a new deal.

He’s apparently now looking for a whopping deal that might top the one safety Landon Collins just inked with the Washington Redskins.

Collins just made a bank six-year deal that pays him a massive $14 million per year. That’s not small change by any means for a safety.

It obviously did not take long for Ramsey to note the dollar signs here. Nor did he fail to take advantage of campaigning on behalf of fellow cornerbacks around the league.

Ramsey is entering the fourth year of his rookie deal that will pay him $3.6 million in 2019. This is unless Ramsey can convince the Jaguars to extend him early.

With the news that the Jacksonville Jaguars have interest in signing Nick Foles to a deal, star cornerback Jalen Ramsey is looking to raid the entire Eagles organization. Ramsey hopped on Twitter recently and did his best to recruit Golden Tate to the Jaguars, using family as an excuse to bring the two together.

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